USA Today Headlines – Nigella Lawson, George Plimpton, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears

Saatchi admits assault on celeb-chef wife Nigella Lawson
British advertising tycoon-turned-art collector Charles Saatchi has admitted assault and accepted a “police caution” after published photos showed him grabbing the throat of his wife, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson

‘Plimpton!’ profiles the esteemed writer
Was-there-anything-George Plimpton couldn’t-do? Plimpton-served-as-a-role-model-for-other-writers-and-editors, but he was also admired by athletes, actors and artists. A new documentary, Plimpton!, profiles the former Paris Review editor and journalist. Known for completely immersing himself in his subjects,

Katy Perry talks about Brand
Katy Perry discussed her relationship with ex-husband Russell Brand with Vogue, saying that she ‘was in love with him when she married him in 2010.’
But Perry said she hasn’t heard from him since Brand sent her a text on New Year’s Eve 2011 saying he wanted a divorce, about 14 months later

Bieber car hits paparazzo but cops clear him
TMZis reporting that Justin Bieber’s car hit a paparazzo in Los Angeles but the police have cleared him of hit-and-run suspicion

Britney Spears Lends A Song To The Smurfs
Thank Britney Spears’ Smurf-obsessed sons for her latest single Ooh La La, which plays over the closing credits of the upcoming film The Smurfs 2.