Steve Trash Predicts USA Today Headlines – 4 Days Before They’re Published

Steve Trash has always been ahead of the curve culturally.

He figured out waaaay back in the 1980’s that the world would start getting greener through recycling and renewables. Way back then he started sharing this eco-message with people all over the world through TV shows, live shows, music, and other forms of entertainment. It’s something he branded… eco-entertainment.

He’s stayed out in front of society all this time. With his mind on culture and his eyes on the planet, he has a few new predictions to prove it.

This time, he’s willing to put them to the test, but this time, he’s going to put his predictions on paper.

On Monday March 28, 2015, Steve wrote down what he believed would be a few USA Today Newspaper headlines – 5 days in the future – and seal them securely in a Sentry FireProof Lock Box. This box will be delivered to Big River Broadcasting’s Kix 96 radio station in Florence, Alabama. DJ – David Havens will be responsible for safeguarding it and preventing anyone from tampering with it (including Steve).

The magic happened on Friday April 3rd, the day before the Earth Day Shoals Celebration in Wilson Park, Florence Alabama – (sponsored by Shoals Earth Month, 10am to 5pm).

On his way in to work early, early, early on Friday April 3rd, KIX 96’s David Havens stopped by the Hampton Inn and picked up a copy of the USA Today. At 9am David (for the first time) opened the locked box to see if Steve’s predictions made 5 days before matched the headlines from USA Today on April 3rd.

Check out this video to see how close Steve got on his “Eco-Predictions”.